ASPeCt Meeting at the IGS 2014 Sea-Ice Symposium

Hobart, Australia
15 - 16 March 2014

The ASPeCt group meet all day on 15th March and morning of 16 March 2014 after the closure of the IGS Sea-Ice Symposium. The summary report will be posted here once available.

The main issue of this ASPeCt meeting was to develop an updated Science and Implementation Plan for the next ten years to encompass the full ASPeCt community, and with view to submit to SCAR and CliC/WCRP.

For any urgent questions, please contact Marilyn Raphael or Stephen Ackley.

CliC Sea-Ice Modelling and Observing Workshop

Tromsø, Norway
05 - 07 June 2013

This workshop on better integration of sea-ice observations and modelling was attended by 48 scientists, including 10 early career scientists. The workshop report [PDF] is now available.

ASPeCt Meeting at the SCAR 2012 Open Science Meeting

Portland, Oregon, USA
13 - 14 July 2012

An ASPeCt group meeting was held on the afternoon of July 13th and all day July 14th 2012 in the specialist groups session, prior to the SCAR 2012 Open Science Meeting. The summary report and any documentation are posted below.

With the beginning of new co-sponsorship by the Climate and Cryosphere Program (CLiC) of WCRP as well as continuing SCAR sponsorship, ASPeCt will be reconstituted into a larger group of associated interested investigators, divided into working groups on particular topics, and a science steering committee to provide continuity and coordination with sponsors and affiliated programs. Other major topics to be discussed are an outline for the Science and Implementation Plan for the next ten years of ASPeCt and integration of ASPeCt observing programs with the Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) during that period. SOOS has as one of its objectives, The Future of Antarctic Sea Ice, and ASPeCt will have major responsibilities for those observations needed to fulfill that objective.

For any urgent questions, please contact Stephen Ackley or Marilyn Raphael.

Presentations given at the 2012 meeting

ASPeCt review 2012 [PDF]

Australian ASPeCt summary 2012 [PDF]

Belgian ASPeCt contribution - part 1 2012 [PDF]

Belgian ASPeCt contribution - part 2 2012 [PDF]

German ASPeCt summary 2012 [PDF]

Finish ASPeCt summary 2012 [PDF]

Korean ASPeCt summary 2012 [PDF]

New Zealand's ASPeCt summary 2012 [PDF]

SOOS ASPeCt summary 2012 [PDF]

UK ASPeCt summary 2012 [PDF]

US ASPeCt contribution - part 1 2012 [PDF]

US ASPeCt contribution - part 2 2012 [PDF]

US ASPeCt contribution - part 3 2012 [PDF]

ASPeCt Meeting at the Sea-ice IGS Symposium 2010

Summaries to come.

Antarctic Sea Ice During IPY Meeting at the Gordon Research Conference 2009

Summaries to come.

International Workshop on Antarctic Sea Ice Thickness

Hobart, Australia
5 - 7 July 2006

The aim of the workshop will be to bring together members of the Antarctic sea ice community who have an active interest in measuring sea ice thickness, or using sea ice thickness data. This will cover all disciplines of field science, remote sensing, and modelling, and will also include representatives from data management and related scientific disciplines.

Discussion of IPAB implementation during IPY

Hobart, Australia
11 July 2006

Meeting in conjunction with SCAR Physical Sciences Standing Committee to discuss drifting buoy deployments in the Antarctic Sea Ice zone during IPY.

For more information, please contact Christian Haas.

SCAR Business meetings and Open Science Conference

Hobart, Australia

The XXIX meeting of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research will include three separate but related events:

8 - 11 July 2006 - Meetings of the SCAR Standing Scientific Groups
12 - 14 July 2006 - SCAR Open Science Conference
17 - 20 July 2006 - XXIX SCAR Delegates Meeting

International Glaciological Society Symposium on Cryospheric Indicators of Global Climate Change

Cambridge, England
21 - 25 August 2006

This symposium will promote discussion of the evidence for changes in all components of the global cryosphere, their interdependence and causes, our current ability to model these changes, and what they tell us about changing global climate.

For more information, please see the IGS Symposium 2006/Cambridge Website.

International Summer School on Sea Ice (IPY Proposal No. 164)

July/August 2007 (Proposed)
University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS), Longyearbyen, Norway

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