Scientific Steering Group

The ASPeCt project is being reconstituted in 2012. Until the organisation is complete, Steve Ackley and Marilyn Raphael are Interim Co-Chairs of ASPeCt. Their contact information and that of the group of scientists who are presently involved in the reorganization are listed below. Members of this group and others will eventually constitute the Science Steering Group and/or Working Groups of ASPeCt when the reorganization is completed and will be posted in this section of the website.

Dr Steve Ackley (Co-Chair)
118 Castle Lane
San Antonio, TX 78213
Ph +1 210 341 6556

Dr Marilyn Raphael (Co-Chair)
Department of Geography
1255 Bunche Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-152
Ph +1 310 206 4590

Dr Christian Haas

Dr Petra Heil

Dr Elizabeth Hunke

Dr Ron Kwok

Dr Pat Langhorne

Dr Thorsten Markus

Dr Klaus Meiners

Dr Louise Newmann

Dr Marcel Nicolaus

Dr Kay Oshima

Dr Ted Maksym

Dr Sandra Schwegmann

Dr Sharon Stammerjohn

Dr Jean-Louis Tison

Dr Martin Vancoppenole

Dr Jeremy Wilkinson

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