Macquarie Island expeditioners submit their best photographs for their station yearbook cover.

Macca station yearbook cover photographs

As our year together on Macquarie Island draws rapidly to a close, with our station resupply and crew changeover to commence late next week, Bureau of Meteorology weather observer Evelyn is doing a great job of compiling a yearbook for the current group of station expeditioners. This book will be a treasured souvenir of our year together on this amazing island. Some of us have submitted our favourite photographs to a vote for the yearbook cover photo, and we present them here.

The popular winner to grace the front cover is albatross researcher Jarrod’s stunning image captured from his amazing drone (radio controlled model plane) which he has been using to photograph wildlife and vegetation for ecological monitoring purposes. The photo shows the beach with clumps of giant bull kelp in the shallows and, elephant seals and tussock grass on shore. Second place winner, to appear on the back cover, was his co-researcher Kate’s dramatic photo of the coastline looking north towards the isthmus and station. Well done to the ‘alby’ team! And a big thank you to Evelyn for her work on the yearbook.

Macca photo album

Last weekend, boating officer Pete and coxswain Chris took two of our zodiac inflatable rubber boats on the last boating trip before resupply.  We went down the east coast to Sandy Bay and Green Gorge to deliver and collect some last minute pre-resupply materials.

On Saturday night, our tradies (Joe, Pat, Paul, Greg and Pete) put on a barbecue and a ‘tradie’s quiz'.