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Voyage 2, 2021–2022

RSV Nuyina’s first voyage to Antarctica departed Hobart on 23 December 2021, with 67 expeditioners and crew onboard for the five week voyage to refuel Casey research station and transport helicopters to Davis station. Marine science systems such as echosounders and sampling equipment will also be tested, and live krill collected.

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26 January 2022 – 55.6°S, 121.0°E – 10,176 km travelled

Nothing like a few lively bow waves to help you find your sea legs! Having left Tasmania behind, Nuyina is powering its way through 6 metre swells and 30+ knot winds.

14 January 2022 – 66.2°S, 110.5°E – 7,947 km travelled

In Casey you missed it… expeditioners and crew on RSV Nuyina are thrilled to arrive at Casey research station for the first time, joining Happy Dragon in Newcomb Bay. Nuyina's on-board mini-fleet of boats and barge is preparing to help with pumping a shipload of fuel to shore. Happy Dragon continues to transfer cargo in our largest resupply operation ever.

Shortly after arrival, refuelling the tanks at Casey station begins, involving a complex dance between ship and shore using kilometres of fuel hose. The process demands careful planning, a comprehensive checklist and occasionally a few prods to move those pesky bergy bits out of the way. Lucky those penguins are there to supervise.

12 January 2022 – 62.9°S, 105.4°E – 7,595 km travelled

Our onboard media team look like they are having great fun on the FODS (Forward Outboard Deployment System) as Nuyina sails in to some Antarctic weather. Just don't look down!

6 January 2022 – 66.2°S, 76.5°E – 5,095 km travelled

Land Ahoy! Nuyina navigated safely through the bergy bits to arrive for the first time at Davis research station in east Antarctica. Delivering two helicopters and some much anticipated cargo, the buzz on station was palpable.

“Everyone was pretty excited. Many people have been waiting years to see this. And there’s a lot of excitement for the mail bags.” Dani Yannopoulos, Davis Station Leader

4 January 2022 – 63.1°S, 89.4°E – 4,150 km travelled

Scientists show their thrill at the krill captured during their first ‘wet well’ test in Antarctic waters. The wet well is a watertight room deep inside the ship that allows scientists to collect krill samples without damaging these delicate but scientifically important crustaceans.

31 December 2021 – 56.3°S, 129.0°E – 1,882 km travelled

Iceberg! Right ahead! Or more precisely abeam. Another historic first for our intrepid icebreaker was logged at 11.45am when Nuyina sailed past this beauty. To count as a sighting the berg had to be as big as the ship and visible to the naked eye. Binoculars surely not required!

30 December 2021 – 52.9°S, 135.8°E – 1,308 km travelled

RIDGY-DIDGE: RSV Nuyina bags its first deepsea mountain peak – a seamount higher than Mount Kosciuszko. At more than 2,500 m high, 29 km wide and 45 km long, the seamount is the first big feature mapped by the ship’s multibeam echosounders on its way to Antarctica.

24 December 2021 – 42.9°S, 147.3°E – 0 km travelled

Once away from port our team tested the refuelling systems and calibrated the acoustic instruments, before sailing out the Derwent and heading south to the icy continent.

23 December 2021 – 42.9°S, 147.3°E – 0 km travelled

And they’re off! Australia’s brand new icebreaker, 67 lucky voyagers and a dog called Stay depart Hobart on RSV Nuyina’s maiden voyage to Antarctica, waved off by friends, family and colleagues. What amazing adventures and discoveries await this ground-breaking ship?

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