SSG Meetings

The ASPeCt Scientific Steering Group (SSG) will hold workshops approximately every two years to report on research progress, present future plans and promote coordination between national programs. All scientists with an active interest in Antarctic sea ice research will be invited to participate in these meetings. Meeting reports will be distributed to all members and posted on the ASPeCt web site.

Next SSG Meeting

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

10 June 2015 [TBC]

Past SSG Meetings

Ciococo, Italy

March 2015

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

15 & 16 March 2014

Portland, Oregon, USA

13 & 14 July 2012

Dunedin, New Zealand

4 December, 2005

The next ASPeCt workshop will focus on sea ice research activities during IPY. The purpose of the workshop is to review plans for cruises, station work, modelling, and remote sensing that are being planned for Antarctic sea ice during IPY and organise efforts for international collaboration, data archiving, and communication with other IPY efforts, both Arctic and Antarctic, with some joint aims.

For further information, please contact Steve Ackley.

Dunedin, New Zealand

December 2002 (in conjunction with the IAHR Symposium on ice).

Ischia, Italy

October 2001 (in conjunction with the 2nd Conference on the Oceanography of the Ross Sea).

Monterey, California, USA

4–5 March 1999

Tucson, Arizona, USA

December 1997

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