CD-ROM: "Observing Antarctic Sea Ice"

Update (2014-05-01): 
Some users of reported that the downloaded tutorial/software bundle does NOT give them an automated tour through the various document files. Please manually open and view the respective PDF files included in this bundle, as in light of the development of software version 3 (and its tutorial), no more modification will be supplied to versions 1 and 2.


To facilitate training sea ice observers, and to ensure some standardisation of sea ice terminology and observation technique, the ASPeCt program has produced a CD-ROM titled "Observing Antarctic Sea Ice" [Worby, 1999], as shown in Figure 3. This CD-ROM includes a step by step tutorial that guides sea ice observers though the various stages of the ice observation system. The CD-ROM also includes purpose-designed software, written in C++, for storing and quality controlling the data and conducting basic statistical analysis.

To enhance the training tutorial the CD-ROM also contains a full library of sea ice images covering the many stages of sea ice formation from frazil and grease ice through to multiyear ice, with a thorough discussion of the ice type classifications and nomenclature. These are based on the WMO [1970] nomenclature. Additionally, there is general information on the role of sea ice in the climate system, and importantly, downloadable proformas and a written instruction manual [Worby and Allison, 1999] and software user guide [Worby and Dirita, 1999] for conducting the observations aboard a vessel.

Download the full CD-ROM [ZIP 7.3MB], or order a free copy of the CD-ROM from:

Dr. Petra Heil
Private Bag 80
Hobart, Tasmania, 7001

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