Ice Observation Software

 Version 3:

In 2014 the AAD initiated development of an ASPeCt data acquisition software, which then also handles the quality control, archiving and initial statistical analysis of the bridge-based sea-ice observations. Following the original ASPeCt sea-ice protocol, but adding observation field for brown ice and melt ponds, the old data have seamlessly been ported into the new data archive.

Importantly the new software runs independent of operating systems and requires a current internet browser, such as IE10 or above, Firefox/Mozilla, or Chrome. Data upload into the AADC archive can be done by enabling a network connection and synchronizing the voyage data sets.

The software is currently in beta-release and has been tested on a number of Antarctic voyages. It will be trialled for Arctic sea-ice data collection during the 2nd part of 2015. For further information including access to the prototype version please contact Petra Heil. We welcome additional testers to provide feedback on the updated software.


Version 1 & 2:

Software has been written for PC in C++ for storing, quality controlling and conducting basic statistical analysis on the ice observation data. Version 2.22 is available as of July 1999.

There are three files required to run the software:

  • seaice.exe [EXE]
    This is the executable version of the software.
  • [ZIP]
    This is a system file that must be copied to enable the executable to run. It needs to be unzipped after downloading.
  • [ZIP]
    This is a file of latitude and longitude points around the Antarctic coastline and is used for plotting purposes. It needs to be unzipped after downloading.

Run the executable file from Windows by double clicking the icon. When you run the executable a new file (seaice.cfg) will be created, which stores the software configuration information. This file is automatically updated when the user changes any default settings. It is important to remember to delete this file before installing future upgrades of the seaice.exe software.

Antarctic CRC Research Report 14 [PDF]
This is a written report containing instructions on how to conduct sea ice observations, and a user manual for the ice observation software.

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